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All Packages are to be prepaid only & cannot be combined with any other specials.
(Cannot be applied to already discounted package pricing.)
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Jade Total Body Detox     $225.00

  • As preparation for a productive and comfortable colon hydrotherapy session.  Preparing the body prior is crucial for the most comfortable, relaxing and deepest cleanse possible. 
  • Day 1-5:  Probiotics, chia seed fiber and liquid bentonite clay to start the cleansing process.
  • After 5 days this is the ideal time period to schedule your first Colonic. Can also be used at any time before colonics for a more thorough cleansing.
  • During your scheduled Total Body Jade Detox we will begin with an Abdominal massage to increase lymphatic flow, helping to restore natural organ rythmn. Then our Dermaray (oxygen bulb) is used to purify toxins over the abdomen (other areas can be added as well). This helps to further enhance lymphatic detoxification, cellulite appearance and increases tone.
  • Followed by a full colonic session and accompanied by a Clay Pack on the abdomen infusing the purifying benefits of the clay with the use of our Jade Infrared Heat packs. 

**Price reflects cost of supplements
**Can be enhanced with a Slender Wrap for an additional $25.00

Wellness Detox         $245.00

  • whole body wellness detox including:
  • head to sole massage
  • canopy sauna
  • ioncleanse footsoak

Body in Balance        $100.00

  • Begin with an ion cleanse to flush toxins inhibiting wellness & rebalance your energy with the proper ions.
  • Followed with an essential oil infused reflexology to assist the body in healing and flushing of the organs

Digestive System Renewal  $225.00

  • 3 Colonics within 30 days for a total Digestive System Renewal.
  • 10% Off Any Digestive Support products during the time of package purchase. 

Head to Soul Massage     $120.00

  • Begins with a personalized sensory journey for the appropriate healing essential oil to be used during your massage.
  • A series of ancient acupuncture points combined with hot/cold stones to open lymph points
  • The journey ends with a relaxing foot reflexology to ground you  

Super Sweat Infrared & Ozone Canopy

  • 30 Day package of 4                     $280.00
  • 60 Day package of 8                     $520.00 

Add oxygen therapy for $20.00 per session with package.

 Ion Cleanse Foot Soaks
  • 4- 45 minute soaks     $200          
  • 4 - 30 minute soaks    $160

Environmental/Heavy Metal Detox

  • 4 infrared canopy sessions          $280.00
  • 4 infared sauna sessions             $120.00

We hope these packages help you formulate a cost friendly way to keep yourself on a safe & productive healing program. All packages must be prepaid and are non refundable and non transferable to new referrals. Because new clients deserve and require extra time only sharing packages between returning family members is accepted. We truly appreciate your business & let us know if there is anything we can do to assist you!


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