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Hormones are powerful and essential for maintaining physical and mental health.  An imbalance of any one hormone can throw your physical and mental health out of balance, causing aggravating and even serious health concerns.

Both men and women experience changes in hormone levels with age. Sometimes those changes result in unpleasant symptoms that demand attention. Often, the changes are more subtle yet there is still an impact on overall health. A simple saliva test can be collected in the privacy of your own home and help identify improper hormone signaling and is applicable for:

  • Men and women concerned with changing hormone levels as a result of age.
  • Cycling women experiencing PMS symptoms
  • Peri and post-menopausal women
  • Those wishing to monitor their hormone levels following replacement therapy (oral, sublingual or topical), and subsequently regulate their supplement levels.

Anyone with symptoms involving:

  • Fatigue, insomnia
  • Stress
  • Immunity problems
  • Blood sugar problems
  • Weight gain

Men and women of any age who are having symptoms of hormone imbalances should test for all hormones that may be associated with their symptoms. Men and women over the age of forty may want to do a baseline test. Frequently imbalances will be detectable for a time period before symptoms gain attention.  Your hormones have a delicate balance and in order to achieve optimal health, you need to know what your specific imbalances are.

The major sex hormones to assess are estrogen, progesterone and testosterone.  The main adrenal hormones are DHEA and cortisol. These hormones will provide crucial information about deficiencies, excesses and daily patterns, which then result in a specifically tailored treatment approach and one far more beneficial than the old "shotgun" approach. Your Therapist can assist you through the testing process and help provide you more specific information about how your hormones are effecting and supporting YOU. 



Now offering Saliva testing for Hormone values in a convenient and cost-effective way to analyze your hormone levels. Each test includes a consultation for an in-depth interpretation of your results. The Endocrine System controls and regulates limitless values in your body having an effect on all the vital organs, emotions, weight control, brain protection, cognitive function, skin and so much more. As a major role in anti-aging, hormone balancing can help you regain and maintain youthfulness, vigor and balance. Hormone values are just as important for men and women to know and understand the natural cues of your body, what they mean and how to adjust the natural rhythms in the body.

  • Individual Hormone                          $80  

  • Diurinal Cortisol Test                       $180 (Adrenal hormones, peaks & valleys throughout a day)
  • Comprehensive Hormone Panel  $360  (E2, Pg, T, D, Cx4)

  • Comprehensive Plus Panel           $450  (complete hormone panel)