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NT's Movement Studio


Yoga is a collection of streatching and breathing exercises aimed at integrating mind, body and spirit for achieving self awareness. Awareness helps to develop you inner knowingness, oneness with the universe and incresing enlightenment. The word Yoga means "joined together" and is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning "to unify". Our Restorative Chakra Yoga aims at unifying the mind, body and spirit so that harmony can be achieved.


Yoga can develop into a personal spiritual practice that can be adopted by anyone with any religious belief or background.  The philosophies of yoga are universal and can be incorporated into daily life. Generally yoga is practiced with your specific intention in mind and individual focus.


Restorative Chakra Yoga

Asanas, breath work with slow flowing movement to reduce stress and promote peaceful relaxation. Meditation is combined to promote deepest relaxation and focus on structural alognment. Restorative poses are held longer so that deep release can occur. In these moments of rest, an opportunity arises for correct alignment, posture, and true focus to occur.



Private Yoga Sessions

One-on-one sessions designed specifically for you. Guidance to deepen your yoga practice and explore an area of physical limitation. Small changes can provide great results. Healing yourself through a peronal practice allows space for clearing greif, anger, and intimate emotions that require delicate attention. Receive the accountability to clear, strengthen and connect with yout inner knowingness. Your have the amazing ability to heal yourself with proper guidence and tools.  

Pricing for Classes

SINGLE SESSION: $25 All classes are An Hour and half

10 SESSIONS: $180

20 SESSIONS: $320

PRIVATE SESSIONS: $75 per hour