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Healing Through An Energetic Balance of Nature
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Holistic Health Spa Offering Colon Hydrotherapy,  Body Scans, Ayruveda and Panchakarma Cleansing, Lymphatic Detox, Oxygen Therapy, Infrared Saunas, Ion Cleanse Foot Soaks, Lymphatic Drainage, Reflexology, Hair Analysis, Hormone And Neurotransmitter Testing. Personalized Holistic Health programs and  education for every life style.

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Ayurveda (the science of life) is a 5,000 year old Eastern Indian system of healing. There are many modalities that play an important role in this ancient healing system including: nutrition, yoga, detoxification, meditation, massage, body treatments and daily practices that support being present and connected to the physical body. Ayurvedic philosophy incorporates the five elements that include: space, fire, air, water and earth. It is believed these elements manifest in the human physiology as three fundamental principles (Doshas): from space and air we have Vata (energy of movement); from fire and water we have Pitta (energy of digestion and metabolism); from water and earth we have  Kapha (energy of structure and lubrication). Understanding these and working to balance them is the focus of Ayurveda.


Using Ayurveda, you can begin to understand how to change habits and create balance within your mind and body. Every person has a unique pattern of energy that can become easily unbalanced by a wide variety of factors, both internal and external.  Emotions, stress, diet, trauma, the seasons, weather, relationships and work can all mess with balance.  Balance and order can bring about greater health.


Determine your Dosha by taking this quiz


At Natural Therapeutics, we are always seeking more holistic therapies to compliment the individual needs of our clients. Understanding more about your Dosha type can provide new ways to balance your body.

Read more about the Doshas Here:



Elements: Space and Air

When in Balance: Active, alert, creative, slim, light and dry, excellent energy level, vital

When out of Balance: Fearful, nervous, anxiety, insomnia, constipation



Elements: Fire

When in Balance: Intense, sharp, intelligent, confident, medium build, strong appetite and digestion, courageous

When out of Balance: Anger, jealousy, criticism, high blood pressure, heartburn, irregular body temperature, ulcers



Elements: Water and Earth

When in Balance: Relaxed, calm, stable, affectionate, dependable, strong, understanding, patient

When out of Balance: Dull, lethargic, possessive, overweight, sinus problems, slow digestion, depression


Upcoming Events at Natural Therapeutics

From Stress to Bliss... Connect to your higher Self!

Learn how to protect your energy, create better boundaries, cleanse at the cellular level, reduce stress and enhance your ability to heal yourself.

Second Saturday of Every month 11-12:30 $30 per session

Guided Meditation with Mary (LMT, NLP trainer, huna-aloha instructor and certified hypnotist)

Join Us for~

Chakra Meditation Classes

Every Wednesday & Saturday Mornings


A journey through the Chakras featuring meditation and use of essential oils, color & sound therapy.
Hosted by:
 Garlyn Mayo NTS


Inhale. Exhale. Many of us read these statements without giving much consideration as to the power they hold. It is arguable that oxygen is the single most important nutrient to our bodies. After all, without oxygen the body will remain alive for only a few short minutes. Not to mention that 70% of our elimination is done through breathing. The beauty in this realization is that we can begin to correlate the importance of oxygen with the fact that nothing other than our own bodies are required. Living in a world where there is so much accessible information at our fingertips, we sometimes become desensitized to the simplicity of our basic needs; like good quality oxygen. How could something as simple as inhaling deeper have profound benefits to your overall health?


Let's first examine how our basic need is being compromised.


Why aren't we breathing like we should be?

  • The average person uses only use 20% of their lung capacity which can be due to poor posture and breathing habits- allowing toxins to accumulate in the cells & organs
  • Oxygen concentrates in most major cities can be up to 30% below normal ranges. Add to that the pollutants in the air we breathe and the level of oxygen available to us is dramatically reduced.
  • The amount & type of toxins we are subjected to on a daily basis (in our external & internal environments) reduces the quality and quantity of oxygen available to us.
  • The quality of our air has drastically declined. Even in our homes we are subjected to more toxins and chemicals than a chemical lab in the early 1900s. Toxins from our cleaning products, air conditioners,
  • It has been said that all disease starts in the colon. If the colon is filled with toxic fecal matter, the intestinal walls become clogged not allowing adequate oxygen supply to the colon. Increasing oxygen supply can help efficiently break up the compaction found in the colon.
  • A deprevation of oxygen can lead to more serious health issues such as; an accumulation of toxins in the cells and organs which can lead to many chronic disease (including cancer)