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Natural Therapeutics has been bringing Education and Holistic services to Fort Worth for 19 years. Beginning when Garlyn Mayo (Owner, Director and Therapist) opened her doors in the Ridglea where she grew up. After attending The New Mexico School of Natural Therapeutics she then statred out paving the way and sharing her knowledge of integrative therapies and philosophy of nature with her clients. Our Mission is to Educate  you about your body and  its many functions,  to offer endless support and resources about natural health and to Empower you with kowledge allowing you to develope an intuitive, self-aware peronsa so you can make health concious decisions about you.

 Digestive health, detoxification and whole-food supplementation are Natural Therapeutics focuses and can be utilized during any stage of health or illness to regain vibrancy.  At Natural Therapeutics, traditional and alternative analysis are integrated to provide a complete holistic living plan for you.  We support you and your medical community with our integrative techniques.  Now specializing in Adrenal Health, Endocrine (Hormone) therapy, Brain health and Functional interpretation of blood, saliva, urine analysis to further individualize wellness plans for our clients’ specific needs.    Working side by side with each client provides a step above what traditional medicine normally provides.  Having an in depth educational foundation, knowledgeable therapists, and over 19 years of experience provides the clients of Natural Therapeutics with endless approaches to achieve optimal health and vitality in life.

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